Euro-Diesel is now KINOLT !

On June 20 we officially launched our new company name KINOLT.
A milestone moment for our company!

While our company has grown rapidly over the last thirty years, our image and the overall way we portrayed ourselves to the outside world, has not changed with us. We felt that the impression our customers were getting from our company no longer reflected our true and unique strength.

Therefore we decided to update and upgrade our company image and go for a total rebranding effort that included a new name: KINOLT. Derived from the words KINetic (energy) and vOLT our new name is based on the foundation of our core business: Dynamic UPS.

The name KINOLT will give new meaning to our company and enables us to continue on our path of growth that started in 1989 when a team of young and ambitious engineers specialising in critical power systems founded Euro-Diesel.

Our new name is accompanied by a short but very firm promise to you and to your customers: TRUSTED POWER. Simply because it is our business to keep your business up and running.

No matter what happens and no matter where you are!


Come and meet us!

KINOLT at DCD Singapore 2019 trade show

On 17–18 September 2019 KINOLT will attend the DCD exhibiton at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. During this important event for the global Data Centre sector, KINOLT will reveal its new identity for the first time at a live exhibition. KINOLT staff will showcase our latest KS® innovations, the online KS® Configurator and our recent track record with leading data centres across the globe.

Come and meet KINOLT at DCD 2019 in Singapore!